My Experience and Qualifications

I have raised two boys, Clayton 25 and Saxon 16. From an early age Clayton struggled. He was a challenging child, to say the least, and while he did well in school, socially and academically, he struggled at home. Clayton's father and I divorced when he was 5 and we argued often. Clayton's father, who had been sober in AA, slipped back into addiction and Clayton suffered, again. From missed visitation days to broken promises. Clayton went on to be a troubled teen indulging in heavy drug use and continuing his addiction into his early twenties. From a substantial heroin addiction, to homelessness, to becoming a father at 20. Through it all I strived not to enable him, burning as many bridges along the way that I could. Calling for welfare checks and never giving him cash. Clayton now has over 2 years clean and sober and he now works with the mentally ill and recovering drug addicts. Clayton goes to work everyday, no matter what, and he is an amazing father to my adorable and smart grandson, Layne.